Jollyday Joy Fly

Have you ever imagined how the Godavari Bridges, buildings, roads, city and iconic spots of a Rajahmahendravaram look like from an aerial view? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Fly ride?

We would say; life experience is not complete without a fly. Our Cessna 172 flying is a dream for many and we offer you an opportunity to fly and experience your city from an aerial view. Get ready to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city you love. Imagine looking down and seeing the city spread below like a beautiful carpet woven with vivid greens and bright reds.

The joy ride is currently operational from Rajahmundry only.

The dream is yours ….We make it happen…So book your slots at the earliest…

We Jollyday Tours always try to take Rajahmundry to the next level. We never compromise on quality and service.

Jollyday Tours and Skytrack Aviation India offering whole new flying experience to the guests with exclusive packages.

We are providing a Joy Ride at Rajahmundry. There is nothing more fun than soaring high above in the sky and enjoying the splendid view of the world down below. Along with the view of the city, you can also spend your time preciously by making unique moments like surprising your Partner with cake cutting on air, gifts and more. Make yours and your loved ones special days like birthdays, anniversary as a memorable by cake cutting on air and make it more memorable. Bring your friends & family to have fun and enjoyment.

Take the ride with your family, or go on a romantic swing in the skies with your partner. Or just do it for some adventure and thrill. Whichever way it is, it will etch your memory with beautiful moments spent in the sky. You will truly get the feel of flying, which can be experienced in a small aircraft, unlike a passenger airline in which one cannot really get the feel of flying.

Take your special one on a long drive, park the car in a private airstrip and before they know it, they’ll find themselves inside a mini aircraft, thousands of feet off the ground!

Other Info:

– The Cessna 172 model operates from the Madhurapudi Airport, Rajahmundry.

– The flight ride lasts 30 – 60 minutes and can be availed only between 9 AM and 4 PM all days.

– Joy Ride for 2 members only.

– Flights, once booked, cannot be canceled but postponed with prior notice of 48 hours.

Jollyday Joy Fly Prices

Place Persons Duration Price
Rajahmundry Brid Eye View 1 30 mins Rs. 10,000
Papikondalu Via Godavari Bridges 1 1 Hour Rs. 15,000
Antharvedi Via Godavari Islands and kadiyam Nursaries 1 1 Hour Rs. 15,000
Mangrove Forest via kakinada 1 1 Hour Rs. 15,000